Watterson Surfacing | Technology
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Surface Dressing Equipment

Watterson Surfacing has an extensive range of Company owned equipment, which enables us to undertake all types of work.
Our investment in latest technology and up to date equipment presents you with key advantages.
All our Bitumen sprayers are computerised with print out readings available. They are also tested and calibrated on a regular basis, which ensure that you get the correct amount of Bitumen per metre square at all times.

Choice & Flexibility

We have a wide range of Bitumen sprayers, which can be used to Surface Dress anything from footpaths to National Roads, starting at 1.2 metres up to 4.2 metres in width.
Our combination of machines for the job, from small to large, ensures cost effectiveness.


Health and Safety is paramount at Watterson Surfacing and all of our machines are maintained by us to the highest standard. All our employees are fully trained to operate the equipment and must comply with all safety standards at all times.